Wondermask® WPS

Wondermask® WPS

Wondermask® WPS

Provides dramatic time savings compared to common methods like using paper and tape
(less than 2 minutes vs. up to 15 minutes per rim)

Application of Wondermask® WPS

  • Deflate the tyre and break the sealed bead
  • Place Wondermask® WPS  between the wheel rim and the tyre in less than 10 seconds
  • Stretch the Wondermask® WPS  until it becomes fixed around the full wheel rim
  • Secure the Wondermask® WPS  to the underside of the tyre before painting
  • Now you are ready to go!

Advantages of Wondermask® WPS at a glance

  • Speed of application – provides dramatic time savings compared to tape and paper (less than 2 min versus up to 15 min per wheel rim)
  • Material savings – reduced use of tape and paper
  • No more rework
  • Only one size required – suitable for all common wheel rims
  • Easy and precise handling due to highly elastic material components
  • No need to remove tyre from the wheel
  • Environmentally friendly compared to conventional methods
  • Problem solving with Wondermask® WPS

Paint absorbent Masking 

  • Avoids paint over spray
  • Perfect paint absorbency
  • Water resistant, tough and tear resistant, lint free
  • Efficient use of material

The convenient Dispenser Box

  • The film remains dust free resulting in less re-work
  • Clean storage, stackable

For the production of Wondermask® WPS  only polythene mixtures are used, which are environmentally friendly, free of heavy metals and do not influence ground water.


Money saving
Time saving


Description Size Unit Item No.
Light-blue transparent, polythene paint adhesive 1300 x 1300 mm 1 dispenser, box roll 80 pieces 312406
Light-blue transparent, polythene, paint adhesive 1300 x 1300 mm 1 roll, 30 pieces 315703
Wall-unit for the dispenser box 308016