Wondermask® Lite +Plus

Wondermask® Lite +Plus

Wondermask® Lite +Plus

Now even better – Improved formulation:

  • Optimised cutting behaviour
  • Better haptics

Water Resistant – No Marks

  • No staining from residual moisture at the vehicle

6M Side to Side / Front to Back

  • One product for all types of vehicles
  • Large vehicles like transporters, SUVs and others can be covered from the front to the back with the „6M technique“ and all cars can be covered side to side.

Easy to cut

  • very good cutting ability

Tape resistant

  • Tape is easy to remove and easy to correct

Further advantages

  • No bleed-through of water or paint
  • Heat resistant up to 125° C
  • Also suitable for foiled vehicles


6M Technique
Water Resistant – No Marks
Easy to Cut
Tape Resistant
Heat resistant up to


Description Size Unit Item No.
Masking Film Wondermask *****Lite Plus 600 cm Dispenser box: 100 m roll 317110
Masking Film Wondermask *****Lite Plus 500 cm Dispenser box: 120 m roll 317111
Masking Film Wondermask *****Lite Plus 400 cm Dispenser box: 150 m roll 317112
Masking Film Wondermask *****Lite Plus 200 cm Dispenser box: 400 m roll 317113
Masking Film Wondermask *****Lite Plus 90 cm Dispenser box: 800 m roll 317115
Masking Film Wondermask *****Lite Plus 60 cm Dispenser box: 800 m roll 317116
Masking Film Wondermask *****Lite Plus 25 cm Dispenser box: 800 m roll 317117
Masking Cover Wondermask *****Lite Plus 6000 x 4000 mm 30 pieces 317155
Mobile dispenser for dispenser box 306920
Cutter Pack of 5 pieces 300 262
CUTTER WITH MAGNET 5 pieces 320914
SNITTY 1 piece 300 288