Spray Booth Lining Film with Tape

Spray Booth Lining Film with Tape

Spray Booth Lining Film with Tape

Paint Absorbent Spray Booth Protection

Reduced down time for periodic cleaning of your spray booth makes it more productive for more of the time.

The advantages


  • protects your investment, keeping paint and overspray off the walls
  • quick and simple to remove and re apply, means minimal downtime
  • reduced spray booth washing and cleaning downtime

Material Properties

  • Fixes onto the wall with heat resistant tape.
  • No tape residues.
  • Unique fold for easy application to the wall.
  • Fix to the booth wall with either tape or magnetic strips.
  • High paint absorbance to keep paint on the film.
  • Film will take multiple paint layers, reducing replacement frequency.



  • open material width of 2.5m, sufficient for most booth wall heights
  • folded to roll width of 40cm for easy storage and handling


Description Size Unit Item No.
Spray Booth Lining Film with Tape 20 linear metres of material with extended handle for easy winding on a roll Nr. 318 631
Safety Cutters - package 5 pieces Nr. 300 262
Safety Cutters with magnet package 5 pieces Nr. 320 914