Seld adhesive protection film

The advantages of SMASHWRAP®


  • For vehicles in storage from weather prior to repair
  • Door cladding
  • Seal broken windows and sprung doors
  • Damaged sun-roofs and tailgates
  • To protect interior of the car and foot-well areas
  • To protect fender when servicing or assembling
  • Protection of damaged cars


  • Material Properties
  • Self adhesive inside
  • Slippery outer surface
  • Strong, extremely tear resistant
  • Green-transparent
  • Easy to apply, easy to remove

User guidance

Surface must be dry, grease and dust free.

Unsuitable for long term application to painted surfaces (e.g. transport protection for vehicles)

Do not expose to temperatures over +65 °C or below -10 °C, as this may lead to glue residues.

Best to be used between +5 °C and +30 °C.


Rolls should be stored dry and not in direct sun light


Description Size Unit Item No.
SMASHWRAP® Width 60 cm Rolls of 100 m 321086
SMASHWRAP® Width 90 cm Rolls of 100 m 321087