Watch out False Labelling: Identify the real weight of ECO-masking films


Schwalmstadt, January 2018

Missing Film on the Roll? Check It with Our Quality Table

In order to counter steadily rising costs in almost every sector of paint shop saving potentials have to be found permanently – regarding the economic point of view this is not only reasonable, but also necessary. However, especially the cost differences for consumables are such attractive that low budget products are purchased without any quality control. In the end, those products turn out to be above-average cost intensive and are just a bad buy.

In addition to clear quality differences the commercial range of thickness is between 8 and 16 microns. With a quality table lm specialist Horn & Bauer shows the signi can- ce of the roll weight. This examination is even more important the wider the range of products is and it is also a control (tool) helping to reveal cost traps.

Is There Really on the Roll What Is Indicated on the Label?

Greatest caution is advised for particular cheap eco-products: “Often the indications on the label are not conforming to the real width, length or thickness. Especially annoy- ing: Suppliers who provide incomplete information or even do not indicate any units and then deliver yards instead of meters. In several paint shops we already found rolls that were declared by 300 m with a lack of up to 70 meters. The damage is dramatic as such a de cit would be enough for the masking of about 12 cars”, Jörg Horn explains.

For the simple check of “fraudulent labelling” Horn & Bauer provides a practical hel- ping tool: a quality table for eco-masking lms (incl. cardboard core, without box). Only by weighing the roll the operator is able to examine if the information on the label is correct. It has to be taken into consideration that by lm manufacturing tole- rances are normal. The of cial norm speci es differently for lm width, lm length and lm thickness. As far as lm length is concerned the minimum deviation of only 2% is allowed; that is a deviation of only 6 meters for a roll of 300 meters.

Horn & Bauer Quality Table Identify the real weight of ECO-masking films


In the recent past other market players come up with new, inventive ideas.

Here one example:

A masking lm was labelled with 4 x 300 metres, the weight was 8,6 kg including the cardboard cone. After examining the roll length we found a real length of 240 meters with an average thickness of 9 μm. We asked for the lm thickness and have been informed that it is a 7 μm lm. In the end both ways lead to a similar roll weight. However, it is a fact that lm for 10 masking processes is missing. We are convinced that it is still impossible to produce acceptable quality in 7 μm. So far, worldwide no correspondent products are known.